Relief Massage - Stress, Pain & Symptom Relief Specialist

"My thumbs feel so much better and so does my neck?"

"This success is long overdue. Last summer, I lost the use of my legs and feet. Getting around on a walker was painful and difficult. Getting in/out of the shower was almost impossible. Ms. Ray worked on my feet and legs to restore life and flexibility. I gave up the walker by Thanksgiving and have been walking as well as I did thirty years ago. Not only am I grateful I found her, but this is the best patient/practitioner relationship I've ever had. Thank you."

"I feel like butter and my headache is gone!"
"I can hear my I-Pod on lower volume settings now and it's great to hear the birds and leaves on the trees again!  Thanks for the Ear Candling!"

L. B.
"I feel great!  Just had a very restful night's sleep.  Didn't realize how much my body was impinging upon me.  Thanks Kathy for such wonderful care.  I feel younger and know now that it will be easier to keep my focus and be more comfortable in this body.  Also, I think I'm about two inches taller.  I'm looking forward to more.  Thanks!"

"I suffered a lower back injury, a slipped & herniated disk, at work last week and after Katherine's treatment I feel 100% better.  I can move much more easily and am confident that thanks to her, I will be healing much, much faster than I would have otherwise thought possible.  Thank you Katherine!  You Rock!

"I feel soooo good. Thank you so much!"

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